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Whistler’s Auto Repair Is a Trusted Name In The Auto Repair Industry

  Expert Technicians

Our technicians have a proven track record, as you’ll see from our Google Reviews page. The reason for that is simple: Whistler’s team places a heavy emphasis on expertise, along with genuine customer care.

 Trusted Provider

Whistler’s is a trusted name in Glenpool auto care and for good reason. When you leave your vehicle with us, we do more than simply make repairs: we test drive your car as well. We make certain that it was properly reassembled and that those systems are operating properly. We also use this time to assess whether there may be other mechanical needs that can be addressed in the future.

 Reasonably Priced

At Whistler’s, you can rest assured, the repairs we quote you at will be completed. Incredibly, industry audits have shown that as many as 20% of billed services are never completed. Whistler’s auto repairs are reasonable and complete. 

 Fast Service

Whether you’re in need of an oil change, a tune-up, brake service, suspension work, or tire replacement, Whistler’s has a skilled team of auto care professionals right here in Glenpool, and they’re fast! Come visit Whistler’s for all your auto repairs. We’ll get it done quickly and we’ll get it done right.

Mechanical Repairs

We do all the following repairs and complete vehicle maintenance: Oil & Filter Changes, Transmission Service (select vehicles), Differential Service, Power Steering Service, Brake Fluid Service, Wiper Blades, Windshield Washer Pumps,  Battery Replacement Service, Noise, Leaks, Cooling System Services. The list goes on!

Trusted Technicians

At Whistler’s Auto Repair, we have evolved over time, learning to better respond to the needs of our customers. While you’re here, have a look at the kind of results our customers have reported. We think you’ll agree, we’re different from other automotive repair shops here in Glenpool.

Tire Replacement

With popular tires like Toyo, Yokohama, Firestone, Bridgestone, Goodyear, we have access to hundreds of tires. At Whistler’s, we can find tires to fit all budgets and needs. We utilize the best installation equipment available and our balancer is top of the line as well.



and Rotors

Battery Replacement





& AC Repair

Austin Strecker

My wife has been traveling out of town with her car a lot lately to take care of her Grandparents. Her car needed new brakes. This was the first time I used Whistler’s, but had a great experience! They were able to get my car in and out in one day, and they even stayed late to finish it and wait for my wife and I to get there after I got off work. The shop and lobby are clean and the people are polite and friendly! I will definitely be using them again!

Erick Randleman

I have used them three times now. Each and every time I leave feeling that I was taken care of properly and was content to what i was charged. They do not upsell work like most places these days. Meaning you go in for a fix, they don’t hound you on all the other things they can fix for you. I highly recommend them for their professionalism and quality they provide.

TJ Murphy

Andrew, John, and his team did a fantastic job on fixing my oil leak for our Yukon Denali! We bought the vehicle used with that leak and they figured it out. That was about a month ago and no drop of oil has fallen since. We always get great service there! Would recommend them over anyone!

Tulsa Cinema

Amazing customer service! I know when we drop off any of our vehicles, they are being taken care. John and Andrew took the time to explain every cost and what they did. It’s so good to have a mechanic I can trust, highly recommend!

Cassie Pound

Some of the greatest men I’ve ever met. We take all of our personal and business vehicles to them. You could probably eat off of their shop floor it’s so clean, the office has toys for my wild toddler and the bathrooms are clean. Before, when I thought of a mechanic, i thought oil and grease but Whistlers is nothing like that. John is a joy to talk to on the phone! Whistler aka Andrew knows what he’s doing and I wouldn’t trust anyone else. Ask Whistler to tell you how he got his name, you won’t be disappointed.

Ginger Ward

This place goes above & beyond every time! The owner is very personable and the most honest mechanic I’ve ever met! He even solved a problem on my Cadillac that even the local Cadi dealership couldnt solve after 4 different times!

Dan McKay

Andrew and his entire crew were incredible. They got right to my vehicle, and completed the repairs efficiently. Andrew kept me informed during the procedure letting me know what was needed, and what he discovered. The repairs cost me about half of what I had guessed they might be. I will certainly be back. Oh, and they are animal lovers, I made friends with shop kitty while I was there! Thank You Whistler Automotive !

Dan Wipperman

I recently needed help getting a used car running again. I took it to Whistlers where I was greeted by Jason, who proceeded to try to give me the utmost help. He did everything in his power to get the automobile up and running again. He treated me fairly, was upfront and gave me the fairest price possible. Not only did he get my car up and running again but saved me money. I would definitely go to Whistlers again and HIGHLY recommend their service to others.

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