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About Us

Whistler’s Automotive Repair is a locally owned shop that relies on two old school values – honesty and integrity. We began this auto repair business in Tulsa with YOU in mind! We wanted to open an auto repair shop in Tulsa where you would feel confident about letting us repair your vehicle.

At Whistler’s, we strive to make sure that regardless of the repair, that you will feel informed and involved in the auto repair process. In today’s tech world we can send you picture updates on your vehicle’s status, text you about the need for possible changes to your automobile’s repairs and even let you know when your car is ready; all this without interrupting your day with multiple phone calls.

    At Whistler’s Automotive Repair we employ only highly qualified auto mechanics. We are much more than an oil change service. We offer a complete line of auto repair services in Glenpool, including tune-ups, brake work, suspension work, timing belt replacement, and much more! We are fully equipped to perform scheduled maintenance on most makes of foreign and domestic automobile and offer full diagnostic reports on most models. We diagnose small intake and vacuum leaks that like to steal your gas mileage, and can even diagnose those dreaded check engine lights, ABS lights and SRS lights that like to clutter up your dash with their incessant presence!

Hate going to auto dealers because of their inflated rates?

    Our fully equipped auto repair shop relies mostly on our reputation of quality work and customer reviews to bring new customers through our doors. We do offer lower rates than “dealer” shops, but we also don’t knock them either. We still utilize their expertise on some repair issues we experience, and also purchase parts from them daily.

    We love meeting new customers and value each and every one. We know that the work we do for you and your family is very important. Thank you for choosing Whistler’s Promatic Auto Repair.  

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Andrew “Whistler” Parker


Here’s what you can expect when you trust your car to Whistler’s Automotive Repair.

Our company has evolved over time as we learned to better respond to the needs of our customers . On this page, we’ll tell you the kind of results our customers have reported. We’ll also give you a sense of our approach to handling our customers’ automotive needs and how we’re different from other automotive repair shops.

Expected Results

You can expect two things when you pick up your vehicle after a repair. That the repairs we quoted will be completed. That may seem odd to say but industry audits have shown that as much as 20% of billed services are never completed. That your vehicle has been test driven to make certain that it was properly reassembled and that those systems are operating properly. We also use this time to assess whether there may be other mechanical needs that can be addressed in the future.

Our Approach

There are real benefits to working with a smaller auto repair shop. One of those benefits is that we have the time to listen. We are bilingual of sorts – we speak English and Auto Mechanic. We always take the time to explain to you any aspect of your repairs that interest you. The bottom line is we enjoy people and we get real satisfaction sharing with them how to better maintain their cars and trucks.

Our Uniqueness

I love what I do! Few people say that about their work but it’s true. After four years of college and two years in corporate management, I discovered there were two things I really love doing, working for myself and working on automobiles!​ Whistler’s requires all of our employees have that same love for their work and serving people. After all, it is our fantastic customers keep us in business.

“No one is going to take better care of you car.”

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